We provided the fine beads of Baphia Nitida L. Ghana which was the sib of Ptrocarpus Santalinus L. India. These documentary woods were elucidated from the assemble aspects as belows,
   1.The history of the application of ceremony.
   2.The ultilization of ethnic herb.
   3.Nature dyes.
   4.The DNA phylogy.
   5.The composition of chemicals, such as santalin a&b, santalrubin, deoxysantalrubin, ptrocarpin, hetroptrocarpin, baphiin, baphic acid, makkcakin etc..
   6.Altitude and latitude of plant. 

     For the reason of the santalrubin content, the gradient colour from red to deep purple, even dark black with embedding shine, that called "Nitida".

     The aim of this site, we firmly believed you can be attracted to these fine works into the true, the good and the beautiful by "Sandaladancing".

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